Walter Scott gunned down by police officer, Michael Slager
Walter Scott gunned down by police officer, Michael Slager

The brave soul, Santana, 23, who had the audacity to record the inhumane cause of death of Walter Scott, I commend you. Can you imagine witnessing such a horrific chain of events so up close and personal? Well, he did and because of him the world knows the truth about 33-year-old Michael Slager.

Watch as he talks to Lester Holt about his reasons for filming the “act” and his sentiments surrounding his game-changing footage.

While surfing Facebook last night I came across a post from one of my college classmates, Jason Johnson, that made me stop with a long hard pause. It struck a chord with me. I went into deep thought about Michael Vick serving federal prison time for his involvement with dogs, but the countless police officers who haven’t served not a single day in prison, who have maintained their role as an officer, had funds raised in their defense, and who still have their freedom and breath and their body – unlike the Eric Garners, Sean Bell, and Walter Scott’s of the world. There’s too many for me to list here and that breaks my heart. I don’t believe black men or dogs deserve a death sentence for merely existing. We’ve got to do better.

Jason’s post stated, “We really have to stop saying the police are shooting and killing innocent black men in the streets like dogs…. Dogs actually get justice.”

Do we value dogs more than we do the lives of black men in this country? What are your thoughts and what feelings came over you when you read that? I got goose bumps and tears – the room grew silent for me.


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