If you know my Bran, you know he’s fairly low-key and far from lights, camera, action. He’s super fun, loving, giving, but definitely private and who I affectionate call, my old man! I mean that literally and figuratively. These past few years that we’ve been dating I’ve enjoyed soaking up his wisdom and stretching myself to take larger leaps of faith because of his push and support.

We were blessed to share an experience unlike no other,that both blessed me personally and professionally. An experience that is a testament of our love and willingness to sacrifice ourselves for one another. Getting the call to shoot as a package deal was mind-boggling because I had no idea how I’d incorporate my private, handsome man into the public life I now live. He’s always been adamant about being behind the scenes, but rooting for me 100%. I was clueless as to how I’d even approach him and ‘pitch’ the idea to him. When I express to you that I was literally trembling at the mere thought of calling him after hanging up with the agency, that’s exactly what I mean. I could’ve lost my lunch. I wasn’t nervous because he’d be angry, but nervous that what I wanted so badly to experience with him may not happen and for a reason we’d previously discussed. He like to be low-key and supportive.

Instead of shooting it down he simply stated,”let me know the details when you have them and I’ll get things squared away on this end.” Imagine the surprise on my end, I went from trembling of fear to trembling from excitement and shock-he’d totally blew my mind.

The moral of the story, don’t limit the mountains your creator can move, nor underestimate those in your life who truly support you. Your supporters may not always understand your dream,but they’ll love you enough to support you in the ways they know how. He could have easily said no and I would have had to accept his response and reasons for doing so, but he didn’t. He came outside of himself because he knows how utterly important this moment is for my career. I love that he stepped outside of himself and sacrificed the one piece of him he didn’t have to give up, his privacy. He didn’t choose my career, but he chose me and all that comes with me-for that I’m grateful.

On our flight, Bran told me how he knew this was important to me and my career and that was enough to say yes! Involve those in your life who deem it vital to say yes to you, just as you’ve said yes to your purpose and would say yes to stepping outside yourself for them. It was never my intent to become a familiar face or household name, but my purpose led me to it. I don’t shy away from what God has for me because with the magazine spreads and jet setting comes much responsibility to an abundance of people. My purpose was important enough that I said yes to all aspects that came with it, including the public life and I’m comfortable in the space of the level of responsibility it brings. I’m grateful for a partner who can step outside himself to walk alongside me in my purpose journey.

To be able to honor him in this Father’s Day spread is so exhilarating. He has not only loved me, but has been a Father to our daughter and her first love. I couldn’t think of a better way to show my gratitude.

What will you say yes to and who will walk alongside you?

You know the drill, sound off below. I want to hear from you.


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