As I watched the Stellar Awards performance by Michelle Williams, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland, I was reminded of the “closed doors,’ the ridicule, and countless no’s. The reminder set well with my soul  because I knew those were things HE didn’t say YES to and weren’t meant for me to walk in but for me to learn from.

I’ve had some no’s that almost crushed me, but in reality they built a resilience in me that can’t compare. I now recognize I only need a single yes to make my dreams come true and to keep pushing until I get it!

Michelle Williams – Say Yes ft. BeyoncĂ©, Kelly Rowland

Stop cursing your no’s because when HE says yes, nobody can say NO!

Be encouraged and #SeeYourselfNaked

What has he said yes to in your life that man told you no? Let’s hear from you and bless someone else.


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