I show you how to easily become a guest blogger on major news and lifestyle sites like Huffington Post, People.com, Mom’s Magazine, P&G Everyday, and others. These are today’s major media outlets that have huge audiences ranging into the millions. They are also widely quoted by other big media. That means your appearance on these sites – while easy to get – makes you an instantly famous expert who is watched and respected by millions.

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With an extensive portfolio of clients, let Ebony take your brand to the next level with her proven strategies, as  your next brand ambassador or brand ambassador program consultant.

Build YOUR Brand, Then Become a Successful Brand Ambassador For The Biggest Corporate and Organizational Names

With an extensive portfolio of clients, Ebony shares everything you need to know to enter the highly rewarding and profitable field of Brand Ambassadors. You get the actionable 1-2-3 you need to build your name, develop a strong following, and expand your success to include major corporate sponsors!

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Join Ebony, your go-to personal image stylist and lifestyle expert, on Periscope each weekday at 12:30 pm (CST) as she shares her how-to’s on personal branding and naked lifestyle management.


Candid Conversations

Invite Ebony to your next girlfriends: breakfast, brunch, dinner or getaway.  We’re talking Sex, Single Motherhood, Co-Parenting, Dating After Dad, Entrepreneurship, Corporate America, Branding, Networking, you name it, we are talking about it. No holds barred!

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Naked Conversations with Ebony is valued at $200, BUT available for a limited time for $49!

Naked Conversations with Ebony will include:

  • Here’s what to expect during your time with Ebony:
    • 2 Hours confidential time with Ebony – What happens at NC, stays at NC.
    • 1 hour private reading  Ebony reads her chapter from the book of your choice and one additional chapter of your choice
    • 1 hour Q&A/Girl Talk: Ebony answers all of your burning questions, allowing you to get all up in her kool-aid. Wait, she’s getting in yours too.
    • Meet & Greet Usies– Be the buzz of Instagram and Facebook by taking usies with a best-selling author. Yes, when they ask you, we are BFF’s.
    • Each attendee will have the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the book. The host receives a FREE copy!